While many of our products are refundable for no reason at all. Even if you don’t like the color of the packaging! Internet Clients is one that is different and we make it clear on the web site.

As stated on our site, we guarantee our product to work, and your part is to apply the principles to reap the benefits. To what extent you do that is up to you.

Here is our guarantee:

"If after putting the program to the test for 12 months I have not created $10,000 in additional client income from the internet, I’m entitled to a full refund (excluding the shipping and handling charge of US$20). I simply provide evidence that I have made a fair effort to apply the material and used at least one technique, and return the program in good condition via registered post, paying for postage. David will then immediately refund the full purchase price."

Please note that you must allow for one year of using the program before you can apply for a refund.